Our Website Portfolio

Featuring our latest state of the art Trigger-React Responsive WordPress Websites.

One thing you will notice about our websites... they all look different.
We study your Brand, your Market and your Customers.

We then come up with a user friendly and simple solution.... that will help your business grow.

NEW... The Memorial Society of British Columbia

The NEW Memorial Society of British Columbia is a great non-profit organization.
MSBC helps people in times of grief. We created a website that is easy to navigate, no matter what your age. The website is designed to be comforting and welcoming.
See the MSBC Website here >The client comments >

Holdom Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

Dr, Ron Uppal is a fantastic chiropractor, or I should say healer!
Dr. Ron also believes in preventative healing. Find out more at Holdom Chiropractic's informative new website.

See the Website here >

Dr Clive Bethel

Dr Clive Bethel has just opened a new practice on Fraser St in Vancouver.
Dr Bethel is one of the best dentists I have ever been to. He makes the experience as comfortable as possible, with an expertise admired by his peers. To relay the calmness experienced, I came up with the gentle, relaxing colours as well as the word Relax.

See the Website here >

Moe Taylor - Artist

It was time to create a new website for the great encaustic artist Moe Taylor.
Moe wanted the paintings to be the star and everything else at a minimal.

See the Website here >

PWPC Electrical Services

The goal of the new PWPC Electrical Services website was to stress that PWPC does commercial work, as the focus on the last website was residential. We also wanted to be easy and clear on how to contact PWPC for their electrical services.

See the Website here >

PHW Homes

Kenny and his father Paul build some beautiful houses and laneway homes.
They have an amazing eye for quality and detail. They are also great fun to work with!
See the PHW Homes Website here >Google Review >

DiG Leather Co

DiG Leather creates hand stitched hand made leather goods of exceptional quality.
We also designed the new logo and all of the branding for this new company.
See the DiG Leather Co Website here >

AusCan Building Inspections

Home Inspector Darryl Bailey, is the owner of Auscan Building Inspections. Darryl is pretty unique in the industry, using tools and equipment that can help detect problems with your home and commercial buildings. Check out the website for lots of information.
See the AusCan Website here >Google Review >

Align Your Space

Align Your Space is Virginia's new home staging business.
We created a website that is all about space and its relationships.

See Virginia's Website here >
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Madrona School Website Design

We needed to get at the core values when designing this website.
The school is all about getting the best out of each individual student.
We decided to isolate the children for the HOME page main image slider, as this school really is all about the kids.

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Smart Kids Smart Parents

Smart Kids and Smart Parents is a website and a great book for kids and parents about money. With a fun logo, we created a website that is playful but professional at the same time.

Domicile Construction

Richard's new company, Domicile Construction needed an online presence.
We quickly created and launched a website that highlights Richard's high quality work and design sense.

R & B Plumbing Website

We made this website look simple, and we made it easy to navigate. With close to 100 pages, we came up with a great drop down menu/page system. As well, we created redundant sub menus throughout the website.
Check out the menu system > The client comments >

Painted Spaces Website

We wanted to make an impact with Painted Spaces new Home page. We came up with the graphics that state instantly what Dani does. The graphics and logo is followed by images of Dani's great work.

Check out the The Website Here > Google Review >

Lily Andersen

Lily creates fantastic high quality wrap bracelets. Wrap bracelets are a competitive market, so to differentiate from the cheaper bracelets the website explorers the lifestyle, using imagery and design.
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Red Shoe Savvy

Patricia creates videos for small business, but this website is really about helping women with a small business, through instruction and dialogue.
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Valufitness is the new website for the fun & fantastic personal trainer Valri Cunnigham.
Our focus market for this website was the professional athlete.

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